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The Arizona Flames Track Club has programs to maximize your personal performance through speed and agility training.  Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball are a few sports that benefit from speed work.  Whether you want to join the club and run competitively or just workout and gain the benefit of proper running and conditioning, we have programs for you. Contact Coach James Smith to see for yourself!

Club Values

Physical and emotional

Physical and emotional health and fitness

Individual excellence

Individual excellence and personal growth

Individual development

Individual development beyond sports

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The Arizona Flames are a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) and is a member of USA Track and Field. USATF is a volunteer-driven, not for profit organization with its headquarters in Indianapolis, IN.  The Flames strive to teach and excel in all areas of track and field.

Our athletes and coaches have had great success at the state, region, national, and world competition levels. Many of our youth athletes have continued on to successful collegiate careers.

Track & Field is a year-round sport with both summer (outdoor) and winter (indoor) seasons. In Arizona the prime track season is late January through July.

The various running, jumping and throwing events which make up the sport are among the oldest competitive disciplines in the world; the specific skills and physical capabilities acquired through track and field can be readily applied to other sports. The sport of track and field is a sport for all ages and abilities.


National Champions

All Americans

Benefits of Joining Arizona Flames Track Club

* Individual analysis and performance management.  We help you set attainable goals and put plans in place to meet them.

* Access to training material, facilities, equipment, travel arrangements, and group workouts. We use HYTEK team software.

* USATF certified coaching and logistic support before and during competition. Meet entry completion and coordination.

* We stress proper form, race strategies, technique, conditioning, nutrition, and rest recovery.                                                        

* Discounts on equipment, apparel, and physical therapy. Shoes, team gear, field implements, training equipment, sports massage.

* Positive Environment. Regardless of what your goals are or what place you come in. If you compete – you have already won.

* Train hard, discover a love for track & field, compete to your best, respect your competitors, and above all – have FUN!!

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James Smith

Head Coach & Founder

Westwood High School

945 W. Rio Salado, Mesa, AZ 85201       (Rio Salado/ East of Alma School)